Sunday, June 16, 2013

it's been a while

omigosh! I was at home you know chillin' when I saw my mom's e-mail! I HAVE BEEN EXCEPTED TO GO TO A TALENT/ MODELING AGENCY! AHHHH! well i'm going to have an interview on july 3rd, still i'm excited!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

the funnest thing ever in the mall!

okay so me, my mom, savannah, caulder and the twins were in the mall i think we were in gap and there was a mannequin bending over and then treyton walks by her and then it got funny here's how it went....... mom:"come on treyton its time to go!" treyton: "okay i'm coming" treyton looks at the mannequin's bum "you don't do that!!!!" then the next thing you know, BAM he spanks the mannequin's bum! so there you go! fun in the mall never stops when you're with the pace family!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

good sayings

hey its claire i found some cool sayings (most savannah made up with my friend(+nieghbor)joie) Good sayings “You problem with me? Oh well JUST sit down you FOOL Can't Face me? Oh uh I'm sorry but, can you turn around? Do you have a problem with me? If you were smart you would SOLVE IT." "Friends are there for you when you cry. BEST friends are ready with a shovel to HIT the person who made u cry." "Me? Be mature? Please, when I was little I saw Tarzan almost naked, Cinderella stayed up past midnight, snow white who lived with seven men." “It’s harder to find a way to hate someone then it is to forgive them” “Be who u want and say what u feel cause those who care don’t matter and those who don’t do.” “You are beautiful in every single way words can’t bring u down so don’t u bring me down 2day.” “in a world where u could be anything be yourself.” so beatutiful right?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Hair

Hi! This morning my mom did my hair with one of the hairstyles from I have been using their blog a lot to do my hair recently. This hairstyle is called "double headband ribbon braid". I really like it and I hope that you think it's cute too!

Savannah's Back ( again)!!!!

Ok, so now that I have seen that my mom won't edit the blog as frequently as I would like her to, I am back to writing on the blog! I am back, your live's just got better! Haha, just kidding. So, in the time that my mom wasn't posting, I put on a play called Wicked Junior!! I am going to post a few videos right here! I think we did a fantastic job! That is why we are going to put on another plau called Alice Jr (it didnt happen)in the winter! Here is the cast for wicked Jr.... Elphaba.......... Cambrie Stacey Glinda.......... Savannah Pace (me) Nessa rose.......... Claire Pace Boc.......... TBA (MIA) Feyiero.......... TBA (MIA) Chizzary.......... Hailey Stacey Madame Morrible.......... Jade Stacey Dorothy.......... Jade Stacey Wizard.......... Jade Stacey
Citizens.......... Hailey Stacey; Claire Pace
Monkeys.......... Hailey Stacey; Claire Pace;Jade Stacey


So, you know how in my Crazy Day post I said we took auditions for a play? That play just happened to be Frog and Toad. A week later, I found out Claire had made it and I didn't. But, the director said I would be either a backstage helper or Annie I would be the first alternative she would call. I chose the alternative, and I get to be in the production!!!!!!!!! CLAIRE IS A MOUSE and i am WATER AND ICE. -annie hey its claire!!!! today we tried out for the drama club play! i got one in all three plays! i got a homerett, sarah, and cop # 3 savannah didnt get a part because she didn't try out!

whats up? I'm back!

hey it's me claire and I"m back to writing!!!! this summer we're getting all excited, we Are going on a 12 day vacation to North Carlina and Florda! my birthday's comming up and guess what I want?! A SURFBOARD!!!!! so here is the lastest up date: savannah: obsessed with the computer (mostly e-mail) caulder: he caught on to the "I get wat ever I want" stuff claire: loves surfing, e-mail, friends, and the sharks sutter: they dont call him snuggly sutter for nothing! treyton: he's gotten a lot tougher thats for sure! mom: working as hard as ever! dad: saving up money for the vacation! LEAVE A COMMENT!